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​Sharing your life with a Zuchon is one of those little life blessings that you can't imagine life without.


To continue providing our exceptional Teddy Bear Zuchons of proven perfect health, beauty and temperament.

Puppy Application– If you're looking for the unconditional love of a Teddy Bear Zuchon companion for long walks by the beach at sunset, jet setting around the world and enjoying the finer things in life then we would love to get to know you via our puppy application. Our puppies have a huge heart and it's filled with love for you!

Our Zuchon adults are our beloved, healthy and happy companions. They are very loving, snuggly, happy-go-lucky, entertaining little comedians of excellent health, temperament and beauty.

 See our "Meet the Parents Page" for loads of individual photos and "Our Dogs Group Photos" page to see hundreds of photos of them all playing together, running, swimming getting messy and enjoying life.

The bond we have with our older dogs is truly magical. After being together for so many wonderful years we are as close as dogs and humans can be. So you will notice that once our dogs are retired they remain right by our side as the elders of our pack. Our puppies benefit greatly from the older and wiser teachers.

You will also learn throughout our website that our furry family come with us on vacations, fishing, boating, exploring the amazing beaches, lakes and forest trails that we are blessed with on the west coast. We enjoy every fun filled day of their snuggles, love and entertainment that we are so blissfully happy to be a part of. 

Our little helpers.Jumba always checks the dryer for toys, he's so adorable we just had to share it! When you have a Zuchon housework is never boring! They love to help you finish your chores faster for more play time.

Our large amount of references complete with ongoing photo updates and comments speaks volumes about us, our puppies and their dogs.

Meet The Parents – We have

loads of wonderful individual photos of our dogs to share with you to get to know them better, after all they are the amazing parents to your soon to be puppy. 

About our Amazing dogs

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tiny Teddy Bear Zuchon puppies (tinyteddys.com) in Vancouver shichon

Tiny Teddy Bear Zuchons of Vancouver Island Tiny Teddy Bear Zuchon Puppies (tinyteddys.com) in Vancouver Shichon

About our dogs

Tiny Teddy Bear Zuchon Puppies (tinyteddys.com)  vancouver Shichon shih-tzu bichon dogs vancouvern

We have 2 huge pages "Meet the Parents" & "Our Dogs Group Photos" full of hundreds of photos of our adults to share with you. Some individual and pristine and some just being dogs all together having a great time running, playing swimming and getting messy.

Meet The Parents (as a group) – Meet our amazing dogs in a unique way, playing, swimming, and having a good time. After all life is about having fun, making memories and getting a little messy every now and then!