We hope you enjoyed our beautiful little sweetheart Lena. Her brilliant, charming and loving personality and playful demeanour shine through in her photos. She is a kind hearted gentle soul that will make a fantastic new addition for an individual or family. She would also be an excellent choice for a therapy dog or special needs. She is very intelligent and picks up everything quick, she makes amazing direct eye contact and has been a joy to train.

  • Lena is the only puppy we have available until a future litter.
  • If you have any questions please see our "Contact Us" page
  • To apply please see our "Adoption Application Page."

Lena is our pick of the litter that we have invested a lot of time rearing, training, teaching, and loving. We waited for our training to be complete before making her available. She is further along in her training but still a young puppy. Her basic training has been completed making it simple for her new family to take the rains and continue forward. She will enjoy and excel in puppy classes. Lena is house trained, crate trained, sleeps through the night without accidents, is non-destructive, past the puppy nipping stage, past the cord chewing stage, past the item stealing & chewing stage, quiet knows "no bark". She loves the water and has begun her diving training, she now puts her head underwater and blows out her little air bubbles. Our dogs love to swim and some do have great swimming and diving skills, even retrieving items from pool and lake bottoms. She loves to play fetch and now returns the ball or toy for a great game of catch. She enjoys being groomed, trimmed, combed and bathed. She happily comes when called right to your hand or lap. She comes running if shes further away in the yard when called. She is an experienced, seasoned traveller and enjoys trips the vehicle. Knows basic puppy commands like no, stay, up, down, quiet, drop it, bring it here, shush, no bark, off the couch, outside go pee, good girl, no chewing, share, bedtime, stay inside, cookie and dance.

Our large amount of references complete with ongoing photo updates and comments speaks volumes about us, our puppies and their dogs.

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We are now accepting applications and reservations for future litters. To apply, please see our "Puppy Adoption Application" page to ensure you don't miss out on adding one of our fabulous little teddies to your happy life. 
Advanced planning is recommended to ensure receiving one of our little sweethearts as we take commitments and then breed a litter specifically for those reservations. 

Lena - Girl - Sorry no longer available.

Lena is one of our trained puppies (Contact us for details)

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Sept 4th, 2018 - Our puppies have arrived!!! 

Stay tuned for more details! There is still time to join our fall/winter litter.

To apply please see our Adoption Application page or Contact Us page for more info.


We typically do not have available puppies as we always have committed families excitedly awaiting the arrival of each litter. Unless due to unforeseen circumstances one of our commitments leaves an opening. 

We have 3 huge pages "Meet the Parents" page & Our Dogs Group Photos page full of hundreds of photos of our adults to share with you. Some individual and pristine and some just being dogs all together having a great time running, playing swimming and getting messy.


Example only not available.

Tiny Teddy Bear Zuchon Puppies (tinyteddys.com)  vancouver Shichon shih-tzu bichon dogs vancouvern

​Sharing your life with a Zuchon is one of those little life blessings that you can't imagine life without.

Tiny Teddy Bear Zuchons of Vancouver Island Tiny Teddy Bear Zuchon Puppies (tinyteddys.com) in Vancouver Shichon


  • Fall/winter 2018 deposit waitlist - Re-Opened - Limited spots​
  • Winter/New year 2019 deposit waitlist - Open - Now accepting applications & deposits​
  • Spring/summer 2019 deposit waitlist - Open (limited spots available)- Now accepting applications & deposits​

Once a waitlist is opened we fill up quick so don't miss out!