Do you allow visitation? 

Absolutely! We have for over 15 years and thoroughly enjoy meeting our families when possible, it is all part of the fun! We do live between 2 loves the city home that we have lived in for over 15 years now in the Cowichan Valley (well it's a city to us islanders, lol). Many people have visited us there over the last decade and a 1/2 and our new very rugged & remote, hard to access summer home in Nootka Sounds (also referred to as Nimpkish Valley where you see our dogs and puppies playing and running free in numerous videos with not a house in sight). It's remote untouched, purity is one of the many reasons we love it so much and find it so hard to leave to return to the big city. So depending on our location and workload, yes we do. Our city home is easy to access and where we prefer to do visitation with our families with deposits. Our remote home is a more bit tricky, with no cell reception for hours and an active logging road filled with tire eating rocks, potholes the size of small cars and aggressive logging trucks and granite mountain ranges to go up and over we have no way to know if you're stuck, stranded or need help. With no way to call for help, no hotel, restaurants, or services of any kind we feel it is too dangerous and best done when we return to our easy city home. The other factor is timing our dogs and their puppies take up the majority our time when we have them due to our desire to raise our puppies hands-on and underfoot puppy (underfoot is a literal term, we call it "doing the shuffle & slide"! lol but when they nap they make great slippers! LOL). If this is something you require please mention it before committing so we can figure it out together.

When is visitation allowed?

As stated on our "Purchase Details Page", Visitation is allowed to our committed families with deposits after our puppies are 8 weeks of age and already vet checked and vaccinated. This is the age where they become very interested in meeting people and seek people out. Being pre-vet checked also means you can take your puppy with you after visitation. The other reason we choose to wait until after their vet check and vaccinations are that we also have to consider the very real threat of bringing in viruses and disease into our pristine controlled environment that the puppies could be potentially susceptible to. The other reason for the specific timing is we like to ensure that our puppies held via deposit by an excited family waiting months sometimes a year for their perfect chosen puppy to come home are safely in their homes. It would be irresponsible to our commitments to put their puppies at risk for the sale of another. There have been many warnings of recent Parvo outbreaks (see links provided below) and warnings of new dog diseases being introduced to our Canadian dogs by Mexican rescues (and other countries) with different diseases than those we face in Canada.  If parvo is brought in to our controlled environment we risk the devastating loss of losing our entire litter and everything, and we do mean everything, the dogs or puppies have ever touched would need to be disposed of.  With the number of references we provide and hundreds of photos and videos, that prove our dogs and puppies are extremely happy, healthy and cared for we have no reason to risk it. This method has worked for us for over 15 years, never having had 1 single issue.

Parvo outbreaks have been reported all over the Island, North Island, B.C, Alberta etc. See news links below ->

Who is allowed visitation?

Our committed families with deposits for the most part. Our litters are typically booked months sometimes years in advance and consist mainly of people that have already met us at some point such as our families with one of our dogs now returning for an additional puppy or a referral from a friend with one of our dogs (or 2, lol) that they have fallen in love with. They do capture your heart and soul! On the rare occasion that we have a puppy who is older and fully vaccinated the perfect applicant may be invited to come by but an approved application is required before being allowed into our home for safety reasons. We adore our puppies and spend our entire day and night with them, playing and interacting, with them following closely behind everywhere we go (lol) so we just don't have the extra time to available to set aside for people just looking to have some puppy time with no intention of purchasing one. Their adorableness is a huge draw and we receive a massive amount of requests. It is also the #1 way to bring in disease and viruses into our pristine, controlled environment by going from home to home as most of those homes that don't screen their visitors are less clean with high visitation traffic. We are responsible for all the lives we care for not the people walking away spreading such disease. It is a fun way to spend the day without a doubt but not good for the reputable breeders with people and dogs/puppies counting on them that take the time to ensure everything is perfect at all times.

Why no public address? The answer is common sense. Dog & puppy theft is on the rise, and safety is just 2 of many reasons. Safety for our family, dogs and puppies come first. This is our home(s), not a brick and mortar facility, our home contains our family, our precious dogs and their puppies it would be insane to post our address publicly online. These are new times we are in with new safety rules for being online. The news is full of people harmed by allowing random strangers into their home by providing addresses. We also don’t want to announce which house we are at and which one is possibly vacant.

Why no phone number? Very simple, having everything in writing is best during any major transaction. It is always there to refer back to for both parties and can't be lost, or details confused or forgotten like a phone call. Especially if you or ourselves are talking to many people. We have nothing to hide and we think keeping everything in writing is just another way to prove that. Yes, it takes much more time and effort to do but is important to do things right when it comes to our puppies and this is just one more way we prove that. Another reason is being in an area with no cell reception half the year we pause our cell phone when we can't use it, we have no home phone at our remote vacation getaway so we have become accustomed to talking to everyone via email.

When I place a deposit on a future litter how will I know when pickup will be so I can plan for it?Once our litter is born we contact you regarding their birth and then our vet to book the puppies future vet appointment for full checkup and vaccines. This provides you with a minimum of 7 weeks to plan ahead for your puppies pickup the following day after their booked vet appointment that we will share with you just days after they are born. If you can't make the pickup date we will try to accommodate when you can come. We do everything we can to accommodate and you will know immediately after they are born if we can add additional pick up days or not. If a different day for you is not possible due to our schedule or life plans that can't be changed you are welcome to pass on the current litter and wait for the next one. We are tied to our home for 2 months during puppy time and have many commitments to catch up on after the puppies are ready.  Providing this date early ensures everyone, both our waiting families involved and ourselves have many weeks to plan.

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