We love to pamper and indulge our little teddy bears and we enjoy providing them with anything we think they will enjoy. Custom furniture handcrafted just for them with maximum dog fun in mind. Custom built play centres complete with stairs and slides, they absolutely love using the slide!. Outdoor jungle gyms, various automatic ball launchers, interactive toys, custom built toy boxes, play tunnels, agility supplies and more. 

Our Zuchons and their puppies all love to play and enjoy engaging us in different games like fetching and "find it" and of course keep away from the others.

Christmas is one of our dogs favourite holidays. They love to open wrapped gifts! It is so hilarious to watch them open the wrapping paper and pull their toys out, and it also means their favorite turkey & cranberry cookies are about to arrive! 

Orcas - pronounced "OR-kiss",
Female, Size 12 lb.

Our dog pleasing interests also include health building foods. 

We bake all their cookies and dehydrated treats for them in a massive variety of flavours. They also enjoy a huge variety of fresh fish, meat, fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. They get so excited! They put on the most adorable the show for us, dancing, jumping and twirling for them, it’s quite the reward!

Puppy Application – If you're looking for the unconditional love of a Teddy Bear Zuchon companion for long walks by the beach at sunset, jet setting around the world and enjoying the finer things in life then we would love to get to know you via our puppy application. Our puppies have a huge heart and it's filled with love for you!

Life with a Teddy Bear Zuchon is a magical experience. They are all-around sweet, playful, comical, fun loving little dogs that their breed is known for. We hope you enjoy their individual photos below we have included a large variety of shots of them fishing, boating, beach combing, playing outside, swimming, camping, playing with the puppies, hanging out at our north island vacation home, and various beaches and lakes, running on the beach in front of the family cabin and even Christmas gift opening, they LOVE to open their own wrapped gifts! 





Our adult Zuchons are our beloved lifetime companions and are not for sale at any time.

Our dogs always have free run of the house and can go in and out as they please. They are a huge part of all aspects of our life and come along everywhere we go,walking, swimming,  fishing, boating, road trips, beaches, lakes, vacations and getaways all involve them.

Our adults are the meaning of happy-go-lucky and always close by our side for a snuggle. They are truly delightful dog to have in our life!

Our Zuchons love to play! You will need a huge accessible toy box(s), with a variety of stimulating toys and games. 

 Our dogs and their puppies live fun filled days romping, playing with their toys, playing games and having fun living the doggy dream!  

Male, Size 11 lb.

Pages of interest

Meet The Parents– We have

loads of wonderful individual photos of our dogs to share with you to get to know them better, after all they are the amazing parents to your soon to be puppy. 

Meet The Parents (as a group) – Meet our amazing dogs in a unique way, playing, swimming, and having a good time. After all life is about having fun, making memories and getting a little messy every now and then!

FEMale, Size 11 lb.

Our large amount of references complete with ongoing photo updates and comments complied since 2003. It speaks volumes about us, our puppies and their dogs.

Zuchons are the most amazing versatile companions! They are happy one on one and would bask in the sole attention they receive. At the same time they can just as easily keep up with a large family, and thrive on the activity that one can provide.

Kiskena - pronounced "Kiss-KENA",
Female, Size 10 lb.

Our Zuchons are super playful, loving, cuddly, and very easy to train. They always aim to please and get along well with other animals and enjoy people of all ages.  

Our Zuchons have a happy attitude and a cheery love of life. They enjoy a very large variety of toys and games and love to carry around various "special" toys. They can easily entertain themselves and anyone else lucky enough to watching "the great Zuchon". 

Teddy Bear Zuchons 

Female, Size 11 lb.

Male, Size 12 lb

Our Zuchons have a huge love of toys, ball and games. they have quite literally hundreds of toys and they actually take excellent care of them. They all carry around various “hot ones of the day” everywhere they go even taking one or two to bed, it is so cute! 

Our "Parents Group Photos" pages are full of hundreds of photos of our adults doing what they do best being together having a great time no matter what it is running, playing swimming and just getting dog gone messy.

​Sharing your life with a Zuchon is one of those little life blessings that you can't imagine life without.

Welcome to TINY TEDDIES 


Meet the EXCEPTIONAL Parents