Annie and her little girl Bella-Bandit,

Hi there! Just thought I'd pass on some photos of our little "Dewey". He has turned out to be the love of our lives, we are so happy with him!! Thank you again! If you have any more photos of him or his family members- we would love to see them! Take care

Hi Corinne!
It's Meghan, "Dewey's" mom! Hope you have enjoyed your summer! I just wanted to keep in touch and let you know that we are interested in another puppy-- so if you have another litter, please keep me posted!! :) Thanks soooo much, Meghan

Angie and her boy Neiko,

Norma & Doug and their little boy Mugsy,

Hi Corinne & Mike,
Can't believe it's been over 2 months since we brought Lincoln home! I thought I'd send a quick update to let you know how great it's been going. Lincoln fits right into our family, and we are so happy with him! We are so proud of his demeanor and everywhere we go people ask where we got him. I wouldn't be surprised if down the road some family and friends contact you for a puppy. In fact, I never thought I'd say this, but I'd even consider getting a little sibling for Lincoln to play with! Maybe you could let us know when the next litter is due next year? Lincoln graduated from puppy class a few weeks ago, and now drops into a little doggy daycare for a 1/2 day a week for some puppy play-time. The people there LOVE him, and even gave him his first haircut this week. He has spent countless hours with us at the school playground, and has unbelievable patience and kindness with all of the children who approach him and pet him and play with him. He loves to make us laugh - he even devised his own version of hide-and-seek in our rockery garden where he sprints around the plants and then hides in behind one until we say "where's Lincoln?...." then he's off in circles and does it again. It's crazy and none of us taught him how to do it. He loves to see us laugh :) Anyways thanks again for continuing such a wonderful breed.  I'll send some photos - hopefully they don't come through too big.
Bye for now,

All contents (written, photos, videos) provided on our References pages 1 to 8 are the actual updates we received from our fantastic fur families. Unaltered with prior permission via written consent to use.

​Sharing your life with a Zuchon is one of those little life blessings that you can't imagine life without.

References page 1 Tiny Teddy Bear Zuchon puppies ( in Vancouver

Laurie's family and their little boy Finnegan,

Hi there, Thought I would give you a quick update on Finnegan.  He is doing really well, he and Kassidy have bonded, and they are rarely apart (he mopes, and lays by the door when she goes to preschool, he is going to hate Kindergarten in 2010!)  It is like we have always had him lol! Funny how quickly that happens.  Anyhow, he is thriving and we love him like crazy.
Take care,
the R Family

Teddy is just a super puppy! I've been meaning to write and tell you. He is sleeping through the night from about 11:30 to 7:30. We only had to go out during the night for the first couple of nights. He is very good natured and loves to be with me/us. He even comes when he's called! Don't know how long that will last though - LOL He gets along well with our two cats and both Bubba and Mitzi. He and Mitzi love playing together! BTW, he loved the snow. Good thing because we got some more today!
Take care, Patricia

Sylvia's sister Angie was so smitten by her puppies that she came and chose a little Zuchon's to call her own!!

Sherry and her boy Tango,

Lisa and her little girl Bella

Harry and his family,

Louis and his little girl Chou Chou,

Our references pages are arranged from the most recent (2018) to our oldest (2003).

Hi Corinne,
 Just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how Baden is doing. He has only had one potty accident in the house since Sunday (that's one less than his big brother). He even manages to get through the night and for a couple of hours during the day in his crate. He is definitely a big suck and is learning that it is OK to lay beside me or on a bed at my feet for parts of the day.  (It's very hard to type report cards with a puppy draped over your arms!)  My husband is absolutely enamoured with him and thinks he is the best thing ever. And the grandparents insist he come up to play for a little while each day. He has several new furry friends: Zippers (our Shitzu-X), Jake (my sister's 4 month old Bernese Mountain Dog), and Raja & Bindy (the grandparents one year old Bengal cats). Right now he is curled up on a bed at my feet sleeping (which is good because the girls will be home soon and will want to play).
Thanks for everything!
Teresa H

Hi Corrine & Mike:
ChouChou is doing quite well. On Friday she visited the Vet and all is in order. Future vaccinations booked and spaying will occur during her fifth month.  Also i have booked a Groomer's visit in her fourth month for a get to know you and be exposed to her and to premilinaries of being handle in that process. She does not whine/cry for her brothers et all. After the first two evenings of her and I sleeping on the couch, she now sleeps in our bed and does her night until about 6:45am she wakes me or Connie up for her potty need. She plays with all her toys and goes out at least twice a day for a walk  which is partially conducted on a leash and then a bit of freedom to roam around. She is eating approx: 1/2 a cup a day, to date. Throughout the day she takes a few pieces here and there. Theres always food in her bowl and she does not make a pig out of herself.
She is responding to her name. Till next time

Meghan, Chris and our boy Dewey.
later THEY added a little sister for Dewey named Dexter

Hi Corrine,
 I thought I would just drop you a quick note (and a few more pics) to let you know how Finnegan is making out.  I think he is doing really well, we are really enjoying him.  He sleeps with us, he hasn't liked being in the crate, though I am still putting him in there for the 5 mins I am out taking Kassidy to school or dance class...he seems ok in those short times.  He has a good appetite and is still doing well with his litter, only a couple of little accidents.  We haven't really tried him outside yet, we are working our way up to that lol!  He is so attached to Kassidy he follows her everywhere, and she loves it...always chatting away to him...she is making party hats for the two of them as we speak, I guess they are having a party!  She is always trying to teach him new things, using kibble to do it, it is so cute.  He has blended into the family well, its like he has always been here, such an easy transition, and we have you guys to thank for that, so thank you!
Hope all is well with you, take care and I will send some more updates over the next couple of months if you are interested.
Laurie and the rest of the R family.

Jackie's family and their boy Lincoln,

Hi Corrine: 
Yes, she is doing great, for being here only a few days. On Sunday, i left the patio door opened for 4 hours and i waited for Chouchou to go on it on her own and sniff around it etc.  She eventually did so.  Then i placed a potty pad and a newspaper (with her pee) on top of the pad and placed it under my patio chair.  On Monday, i brought her to it when i figured she needed to go and she did a #1 and a #2.  On Tuesday morning (Today) she sat in front of the patio door so i let her out and she did a #2 and later on a #2 again but a small wee wee on the carpet due to i not catching her quick enough but overall she is progressing quite well. She is not a barker but a great kisser.  She has met most of all owners over here. Today, being outside for her walk and standing on the grass hill by the road she came to me and sat then whined.  She was asking to go home.  So i said OK go home and she did lead me in the proper direction and almost made it to the door entrance.  I am teacher her the way home. All in all we are very pleased and so is she lots of attention and love from everyone. At her 13th week, i will start obedience training: as per leash walking, sit, down, stay, come...the training periods will be short but frequent and one issue at a time in various ircumstances as per in house, outside, with company around etc etc. Thanks for the info,  it appears, already, that you are correct.
Take care, Louis

Hi Corrine,  We are totally in love with our little Mugsy.  He has been a joy since we picked him up.
He is easygoing and adapts well going from quiet at our house to chaos when we visit the grandkids. They want to know when Mugsy can sleep over I have to brag that he didn't have an accident in the house for at least a week. We were congratulating ourselves on our superior puppy training when we failed to get him out after a nap and we discovered that we were the ones that were trained! Actually, he now pulls on a bell when he wants to go out. .... so cute!
I take him for walks several times a day and he trots along beside me with his little tail in the air.  He's very social so needs to stay on the leash or he would be off to meet the world. Here are a few pictures.
Thank you for matching us with Mugs,  Norma & Doug

Patricia's boy Teddy,

Hi Corinne,

Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know that we got Bella home safely. We arrived in Kelowna at 11 pm last night and she was good as gold the whole way home.  I held her on my lap in a doggy bed with a couple of toys and her smelly doggie blanket.  She dozed on and off the entire trip, waking occasionally if we stopped or to play for a minute, then back to sleep again. She is such a gift - cute as a button and a bundle of love.  I'm hoping that we can get her potty trained soon.  Thanks again Corrine and it was a pleasure meeting you.  I know it must have been difficult for you to say goodbye to all the puppies and please know that we will take really good care of Bella. She is in a good home with people who love her very much and will take good care of her. She cried a lot last night, but I'm thinking just because she is home sick.  Right now she is peacefully asleep; and fingers crossed she will stay that way for the night....
Best Regards, Annie

Hey corrine! ever since we brought Jasper home a lot of people have fallen in love with him! One of my cousins good family friend has taken a deep interest and I was wondering for his behalf if there are any puppies left from the same litter as Jasper? ...
Thanks for the link, i'll be sure to forward it to my cousin ASAP.  Jasper is settling fine. He's really playful and sweet and picks up on commands quite well, so looks like he will be really easy to train. He has a lot of energy whenever we play which is awesome. He's adorable, and luckily wasn't scared or nervous when he got here at all and was quite comfortable. :)

Up Date....Her family came over from Vancouver 1 week later after falling in love with Jasper and chose 2 additional puppies.

Hi. It’s been a whole year since we got this cutie from you. We named her daisy and she has stolen our hearts. thanks again.

Doug & Sharon and their boy Toby,

Hi there my sister in Nanaimo (Sylvia ) got a puppy from you Bichon/Shihtzu, her name online was "Cutie-pie girl", and I was just wondering if you still breed dogs ? Was also wondering if you have a website to view any puppies you have?

Hi Corinne, just wanted to let you know the ride home was great, and "Niko" has been soooo good.  He's been going pee/poo outside since the day we got home, consistently, no accidents in the house, I can't believe it!  He's a REAL cuddler and loves to be held......................Thx, and Happy New Years!
Thanks so much,

Sharon and her 2 boys Capt. Jack and Bandit,

Hi Corinne,
How are you guys all doing? I check your website often and wonder if the dogs are expecting...? Just curious. My boys would love to get another puppy friend for Lincoln (just have to talk my husband into it :)
Lincoln continues to be great. Can't believe he's turning 11 months this week! He's developed so many funny little mannerisms - and I swear he can "talk" to us. When his water bowl is empty he turns to me in the kitchen and gives a quiet "ruff." When he wakes up before the boys, he sneaks into their rooms and gives them a couple of sharp barks to get their butts out of bed and play with him. So cute. He loves playing with other dogs so I'm thinking maybe we should consider a little friend...
We love his size - he's topped out so far at about 8lbs, so if we look at another one it would be a little tiny one just like him - if possible.
Hope you are doing well. Did you bring the dogs on any exciting camping trips this summer??

Sylvia and her girl Molly and boy Buddy,

Just a few pics. The 1st night he was nervous but what a difference a day makes! He is playing and having a gas with the boys as you can see from the attached file.  He is going outside for his business, had a couple small accidents , we have a pad out but he seems to enjoy the grass for his duties !You go right ahead with the pictures…he is a hoot! He goes right to the back door to go out for a pee now. Thanks again….i will keep you up to date!

​Teresa and her boy Baden,

Teddy Bear Zuchons 

Welcome to TINY TEDDIES 


Hi Corinne, 
AHH a moment of quite only kidding.  They slept from the time we got home until 11:00 at night then they got their second wind and played all night long.  They slept almost all the next day then woke up to play and eat, they slept almost threw the night except Peter had his alarm set for 2:00 AM.  Capt. Jack and Bandit are soooooooooooooooooooo cute We can't stop playing with them and picking them up (you would think that we had never had babies before). Today they learned to climb stairs and got their first look at their back yard (they sure do like to be outside).  Having a few accidents as far as the potty things goes, I'm sure that everything is extremely strange for them now, Bandit gets the star for this. It won't be long before they know how to go outside, they already know what to do outside. Capt. Jack and Bandit already have pretty cool personalities and are as different as night and day.  I haven't taken any pics yet but hope to in the next couple of days. Thanks so much for the goody bags, everything is great and much appreciated.  They just love their blankets although they are chewing them, we have been putting them up so they can't just chew. Well Corinne, I guess you probably have got the idea that we are extremely happy with the little munchins and they are very loved, they already have a toy box full of toys.

 Hi Guys,The babies second day at his new home. He and Sadie are quite happy with each other. Toby eats, plays and sleeps when he's not following our every move.He doesn't like going into virgin territory. When we take him to a new section of the house or yard he cries.....and then he takes over. We're enjoying him very much. Good job guys.

 Hi Guys, Just a note on perfect Toby. He becomes more confident and agile every day. Sadie protects him and they play when it's cool!! We're really enjoying him and are quite impressed with his toilet training. He just seems to understand that it's supposed to be done outside.He's not a big eater....except when I give Sadie a dog cookie treat. He grabs it when he can and takes off to enjoy it a bit at a time.We always know where he is as he's always with us. Don't think he's going to be a big wanderer as he ages.He and Sadie sleep with us and he sleeps the night thru. He makes a lovely hat in bed!
Thank you for him.

Hi Corinne:
Thought is was time to send you an updated photo of Tango.  We are in love with him.  He has been such a great addition to our family.  Lexi is still his den mother and Brenden is the up and coming trainer. Tango seems to have mastered (I say this with my fingers crossed) house training. This I think is appreciated the most by me. Take good care. 
Sherry & Crew

Nitu and her boy Jasper
Nitu's aunt also came to pick 2 puppies to add to her family

Courtney and her little girl Daisy,

Hi Corinne,
I thought you might like an update on how Charming Boy(aka buddy) is doing. As yet, he is un-named. Jim is a traditionalist and wants to name him "Buddy". I however, prefer human names for dogs and am kind of stuck on "Cooper". I am afraid Jim may win, as I picked Molly's name, so now it really is his turn! On arriving home, all he wanted to do was sleep for the first little while.  Molly waited and watched, sniffed and studied him for a while, as she has never seen a puppy before, then, once he woke up, the chase was on! They play sooooo well together. He'a a scrappy little guy and if anything, he's the aggressor in these games. She willingly shares her food, her treats, and her toys. We couldn't have asked for a more good-natured dog than Molly. I think the two of them will be a great team. They are already fast friends!
Well, I must begin my day now. Take care!
Regards, Sylvia

Hi Corinne,
I just wanted to thank you for the Molly dvd that Mike made. It arrived in yesterday's mail & I rushed inside to watch it as soon as I got home form work. Mike, as always, did a most excellent job on it. It's really hard to believe how much Molly has changed in the course of one year. Jim took Buddy for his first road trip today (to my workplace, so everyone could see how cute he is!). Buddy was not impressed! He was absolutely petrified when Jim brought him inside the store. I guess he'll need a little more practice at these things:) He and Molly play continually, with nap breaks every now and again. It's such a joy to watch them. If you're interested, I will try to keep you updated every now and again with photos of the two dogs. Anyhow, thank you both soooo much for the dvd.
For now, Sylvia

Hi Corinne,
I just thought since our puppy is about five months now, you might like to see how much she's grown up!  Bella, as she is now called, has been an amazing dog for our family and is well loved.  She's about 8 pounds now, maybe a little more and going to puppy school.  The photo was taken at our trailer at Shawnigan Lake where she now has lots of other dogs to play with! Thanks again for letting us adopt her.