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Hi Corinne,
What an absolute dream this little pup is. He has fit perfectly in our family. Loves both my kids and them him. The night we brought him home while he was checking the place out he started growling and barking at the other dog, which was just his reflection in our fridge. He has also protected the fort from his shadows, blinds, and chair legs. Chases my son around the island every night (try to tire them out).What a riot he is. He slept thru the night last night, didn't wake up until my alarm went off. And yes, after the first night we have his kennel in our room at night. All potty but 1/2 of one has been in his litter box. The first few times after he pooped he just stood in the box and cried. Now he hops out and comes running for his treat, as happy as can be. I have him at work with me today. People cant believe what a good, calm puppy he is. He didn't even bark at the mailman. Thanks so much for the wonderful job you do in raising these gorgeous little pups. Blaze says to say thanks for finding him such a loving, warm, fun family, and that he is very happy.
Heather and Blaze

Laura and her boy Wicket,

Kristie & family

added 3 of our little pups Abby, Libby and Bandit to their big happy family,

Hello Corinne!!
It's Katrina, Alana Rocco and Olove here and were just noticing that you still have two baby boys looking for a home! We are always looking at your website to see what you all are up to......BAD idea!!! LOL!!! Rocco and Olove are the BEST little buggers EVER and they just make us sooo happy so wanting to have another lil' nut around is so very tempting!! I keep telling Alana that I want to send you updates and pics but I am not very computer savvy and co-ordinating time with Alana is not always easy!! Anyway.....was wondering how many potential parents are interested in your multi-colored boy and were wondering if we could drop in,oh say Tomorrow to have a visit?? Only cause Alana has Sundays off......if not, just let us know what day works better as I know this is veryshort notice!! Hope to hear from you soon!!! :)

From: info@barknlounge.ca
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Subject: Wunjo and Tiger's day

Hi Corrine,
Here are notes from the boys. They both had a great time today.

Tiger : "I had a great day. I was super happy to be at the lounge and to see my friends. I started off running around with Wunjo but it didn't take me long to start playing with my friends ony own!!! I played with Louize (a very pretty and fun pug) first then with Hunter (a Scottie cross) and then Wilson (another scottie cross). I also played with Tank (another pug) and Roxy (a rat terrier). I did play with Wunjo for a bit when he was playing with our friends. I did well and had a wonderful time! Thanks for taking me to the lounge!"

Wunjo: "I had a great day as well! I was super happy to see my friends and started playing with them as soon as I got in. Felicia calls Mr. Social becase I played with every single doggie at the lounge! Everyone wanted to play with me so I played! I even played with a golden retriever named Millie. She is super sweet and loves little dog. I had a wonderful time. Thanks for taking me to the lounge!"

Have a great week! Hope to see the boys next Tuesday!
Cheers, Felicia
bark 'n' lounge
"where your dog comes to play, relax, learn"

I just thought I would drop you a note to say thanks so much!! We love Rocco so much and he is so fun. He has adapted to life with us and is enjoying his puppy hood. He loves people so much, we even take him to Katrina's Care Home and the seniors love him. He is such a happy puppy, and so well behaved already! We started puppy class last week, and I was such a proud Mama :) I don't know if you remember, but as I work in a spa, I have a lot of regular guests. I always share stories, and told Evelyn all about Rocco, and I know she bought your last one! How exciting as we can now have puppy play dates together. I have attached a few pics of Rocco, and will continue to do so. Once again thanks, as he has added so much joy already. Love him to bits!!
Alana and Katrina

Corinne & family's 2 brothers, Tiger & Wunjo,

Penny and Ken's little girl Keisha,

We have talked about getting another puppy and are now interested in having a possible brother or sister to Rocco(who we love sooo much)!
When is your littler going to be ready/due?
This might help in our decision making.
Thanks, Alana

Heather and her little girl Molly,

Hi, Corinne We are doing well. Chip is the sweetest puppy!  He has to be everywhere I am, which is adorable.  He even made it through the night last night in his bed without whining!  We have had a very busy weekend with Chip ("Chipperdoodle" as my daughter calls him now)  and my oldest daughter's sleepover party of 14 little girls--for which Chip went with my son and husband to his mother's where Chip got to run and play with two other small dogs.  Chip is very happy, settled in quickly, and is having a blast with our kids and us.  We're teaching him to "sit" and he is picking up that command quickly.  He already comes "up" for treats and walks on his hind legs.  His best trick is being the best little cuddler in the world!  What a sweetie! 
Chip did well on the way home.  He didn't whimper or bark the whole trip. Chip is a great new addition to our family.  

Hi Corinne,
Just wanted to let you know that we just love our little dog. Her personality is so sweet. When she went for her haircut the girl said she has never seen a dog that is so easy going. She is truly a part of our whole family and can't imagine life when we didn't have her. 
Penny & Ken


Lorraine and her little girl Chloe,

Alana, Katrina and the gang, Rocco, Olive, and Levi, 

Shannon and boy Chipper,

From Idaho

References page 2 Tiny Teddy Bear Zuchon puppies (tinyteddys.com) in Vancouver 

Hi Corinne, 
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to update you on how your lovely pup is doing! We decided to name her Chloe, and she is so loved by all of us!  Here are some pix of her pre and post hair cut! Everywhere we go people fall in love with her and ask us where we got her. 
I have given your website out to a number of people!!!! She has settled in really nicely.  She loves playing with the girls and she also loves all other people!  When we take her for a walk, she is desperate to get pats from people on the street.  She still uses her litter box occasionally, but she is really good about doing her business when she is on a walk.  We loved the fact that she came litter box trained.  I don't know how you did it, but it was so
helpful in the transition of going from not having a dog to having one. We have been teaching her a few commands and she is pretty good at: sit, stay, come, leave it, off and "in your bed". Izzy and I are taking her to puppy classes that the local pet store, Tisol, puts on. They start in two weeks time. We are still feeding her the Blue puppy food, and she really likes it.  She is growing fast, so she is thriving. Thank you for raising such a wonderful puppy. Everywhere we go people comment on how calm and good she is. The groomer told us she has never seen a puppy as good as her in all her years of grooming. People just love her and we feel so fortunate to have found you and your lovely pups!
Hope you are well, and we'll update you periodically.
Take care,

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Hi Corinne:
A quick up-date on Sadie. She had her last shot the other day and a clean bill of health.  I tied a bell to the door handle, and every time she has to do her business, she rings it.  It only took her about 2 days to figure it out.  When I took her out at the beginning I would take her paw and hit the bell.  What a smart puppy she is. Also I was stopped by a lady at the ferry terminal on Tues., we were headed for Victoria, and we had Sadie with us, she went crazy over Sadie and wanted your e-mail address as she was interested in getting one of your pups.  I gave it to her so she may be contacting you.  Hope that is O.K. with you.


Hi Corinne,
Just thought I would give you an update. Wicket is doing really well I think. He is actually at work right now with me :) I work mostly in an office at a desk and he is so mellow, he'll just sit in his little bed or walk around the room, so it's been easy to have him here and great that he's not at home alone all day. His first night was really quiet, but last night we heard quite a bit more from him! He does have quite a set of vocal cords when he wants to use them, but he got quiet after half an hour or so, so it wasn't that bad. And you did a GREAT job training him on the pet pad/litter box. He has only forgotten to go there once, and that may have been on the first day, which was already confusing not knowing where everything was, so he has done great. We love him so much though and has been an easy addition to our family. Thanks again for letting us get him! I was wondering though where you bought the puppy litter? Is it usually available in most pet stores and is there a brand that you would recommend over another?
thanks again,
Laura (& Wicket) 

Molly update from Heather...
Hi my first mommy, It's me Molly. My mommy is writing this for me cause it's
hard to work the computer keys sitting on her knee. I've been a really good
girl. I've got a big house to run and play in and mommy and daddy took me to a
big store and let me get a bunch of toys for me and my big brother. On nice warm
days we all go out in the yard. Wow there sure are lots of good things to
find. mommy bought me a pretty pink hoodie with sparkles on it. I wear it when I
go outside or for car ride. Today I'm going to see the vet for a little checkup.
>I've been up to the hospital to see the old grandpa[that's my Dad, he's in
with a broken hip] He's got a furry face just like me! Bye now, many kisses

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Hi Corinne,
They are all adjusting very well to their new home(s).  It’s a little hard separating them right now, so we’re working on it gradually.  They LOVE going outside and romp and roll and go absolutely crazy! They cry at little at night but them settle down quite well. The weekend has just flown by! I’ve taken hundreds of pictures of them already!

Hello again – here are some of Libby and Bandit enjoying the snow…Oh, and no I did not get those pictures of the pups before they left.  That would be great if you could send them. Pups are adjusting very well and doing better and better with “potty” training.  Abby has learned ‘come’ and ‘down’ already.  

Hi Corinne,
Yes - the children named the boys.  Ajay is now 'Tiger' (we all want to say Tigger but get corrected)  and my son named Butters 'Wunjo' (runic Norwegian for 'joy'.  They had their second immunization on Saturday and today had a morning at the groomers - a lovely lady who runs a home based grooming studio and gives tons of one on one affection and attention.  (I do miss the 'woolly bear' look --- but it will be easier for the summer ---) She gave accolades to your gift of loving socialization of the puppies!!!! She has never met five month old's so well adjusted. 'We won the puppy lottery' is how she put it. I agree.
We have some sunshine but the boys are too tuckered out to enjoy it right now.  Big days :) Soon we can take them out to meet more of the big wide world.
Thanks for your support, Corinne

Thanks so much Corinne,
Each day they are getting more and more settled in. I keep thinking how wonderful it is they are together! They love to cuddle and play together in ways that we could not fulfill. My son is in the garden right now and they are bursting with energetic play. They love to play outside and I have spent the better part of yesterday 'fixing' the twig problem. Found the 'offending' shrub and fenced it off from the boys - should make transitions easier for them!  
... now I just have to fix the 'muddy places' .... they do love to splash and roll - head to toe. They are truly lovely and so much fun. Soooooo funny about the black berries bushes!  Thought this might be more of a puppy situation with their finer hair. Will look into getting puppy cuts (the kids will complain - they love the furry little muff ball look ... but it will grow back:)
Appreciate your support.
Corinne :)

They have 3 of our puppies Rocco, Olive & Levi

Carol and her little girl Sadie,

Heather's family and little boy Blaze,

Molly update from Heather
Hi Corinne, Just an long overdue update on our beautiful baby. She had a summer full of fun and adventure on our boat. She went swimming with our grandkids in the Sydney spit and just loved it, racing down the beach after and rolling in the sand with a big happy smile. She was so good on the boat a great little sailor. Thank you so much for the litter box training, what a good idea for boating. We had her spaded this fall and she came thru it beautifully better than I did. I was a reck all day long worrying about her We've just come back from a trip to Bellingham and of course we took our babies. As usual they were the center of attention. People love our corgi but our little princess steals the show especially with her hair bows and her bling. Molly really is a mommy's girl and have a very loving sensitive nature. My Dad passed away at the end of Aug. and Molly either stayed at my side or was cuddling in my arms thru all the sadness. She certainly is the sunshine in our house. She's just perfect and I wouldn't trade her for anything.

Hi Corinne:
Sorry I have taken so long in getting an update for you on Sadie.  She is doing just great.  What a character she is, and such a joy.  We spend more time laughing at her antics.  We took her to the Vet for her shot on Friday and she is in good health,.  I am waiting to hear from the groomer as I want to get her face trimmed and an orientation with the groomer.  The Vet suggested to do this.  The groomer I have chosen specializes in small dogs and has come highly recommended. She is not sleeping with us anymore.  She is now sleeping in here crate by our bed and is doing great.  She is awesome on the leash and loves the outdoors. She has the odd pee accident in the house but only twice in the past week.  She pretty well goes outside.  She loves tramping through the woods. I'm sending you a couple of pictures of her in the snow.  She was having a ball.  Also one with our Son and Daughter-in-law's dog who is named IZZY, just like Sadie's Mom. I haven't had a chance to look up your store e-mail, but will do that in the near future. Thank again for Sadie, we just love her.

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