You are very welcome!  I know they aren't that great - if I get any better ones, I'll forward them.  FYI - I took her to the vet the other day & she's up to 4.8lbs! My sister-in-law just sent me a note to ask whether you had any pups left. I think she is quite taken with Lucy.  Please let me know if you do. I'd love to have another in the family!

 Hi Corinne
I thought I'd send you a note to let you know that Lucy's doing very well & a few pics so you can see how big she's getting!

Hi Corinne, Well we now have a happy, playful puppy.  He is a joy to have in our home.  He is eating, drinking, playing, wagging his tail and using his litter box.  He was very sad for a few days but now I think he has completely adjusted to our home.  I know you will be glad to hear that he is happy again.  We will send you more pictures as he grows.
Hi Corinne,  Tucker is doing great.  He is such fun.  He feels totally at home now and we are truly enjoying him.  He really does have a great personality. 

Hi Corinne, here are a couple of pictures following Tucker’s first grooming.  He was a brave boy and did really well.  Tucker is a lot of fun and has a great personality.  He starts his puppy classes on Saturday – we will see how that will go.

Hi Corinne!
I hope all is well with you. I wanted to send you an update on Toby sooner but just haven't had the chance. He is doing so well and we love him sooooo much!!!  He's really settled in now and I think feels right at home. He's such a sweetie! He loves Dale and Dale is starting to show more interest in Toby now which is really good.  He absolutely loves playing outside too. Thanks so much for such a wonderful little bundle of joy!! I'll attach a few pictures for you to see him. Take care and I'll send you some more pictures soon.
Thanks again,

Hi Corinne,
Things are going great. Muggles is pretty well behaved. We've started her on training and she knows when to come when we ask her and she's pretty good at staying in one place and not going anywhere until we tell her it's okay to go. It's pretty amazing to see when she's just sitting on a mat dying to get to her food but knows she can't until we tell her she can go. :) She's such a fast learner but is pretty stubborn. Hopefully we'll be able to train her to stop sneaking to Pudding's food dish. Housebreaking is going well. We've taken her litter box away since she has a habit of playing in it after she's done doing her business. That being said, she's now going outside all the time. No accidents.
TTYS, Dianna

​Sharing your life with a Zuchon is of one those little life blessings that you can't imagine life without.

Michael & Sylvia and their pup Yogi,

All contents (written, photos, videos) provided on our References pages 1 to 8 are the actual updates we received from our fantastic fur families. Unaltered with prior permission via written consent to use.

Hi Corinne!
 How are you?  I can't believe its been a year since Lilly came into our
lives!  She's been such a joy! We've been going to the local dog parks to play ... & funny enough, we've met 2 of Lilly's cousins, at different dog parks!!  Toby & Gibbs ... Toby is about 2 years old, similar in colouring to Lilly. We met him about a month ago in Burnaby. We met him last weekend in Surrey. I took some pics of Lilly & Gibbs. Both Toby & Gibbs were absolute dolls! & I recognized their 'look' right
away. Unmistakably one of your 'tiny teddys'!  I attached the pics of Gibbs ... was hard to get them to 'pose' together, but the pics aren't too bad. Lol Anyway, hope you're all well! :) 

Alison & her little Lucy,

Hi Corinne, hope all is well with you these days and the Zuchon business is going well. We are so happy we got Yogi from you, she is a real delight and brings lots of love to our house. She is still "the party starter" as you called her!
Many thanks Michael and Sylvia

Hi Corinne great meet you and yogi and her parents. She is so cute, and makes us laugh a lot. 

Hi Corinne,
I have been meaning to send you an update but have been so busy with little Molson and our wedding a couple of months ago I just haven't had a chance. We just got our wedding pictures back this past week and there is one of Molson with his tie on. Right away I thought...I have to send this to Corinne. I've attached it for you. Enjoy :)
He also made a cameo appearance in our short edit wedding video if you want to take a look: http://xxxxxxxxx Molson is a bundle of joy! He has been so happy, playful, he loves going for long walks, playing in the grass...or should I say rolling around and swimming in the grass, cuddling on the couch, playing with other doggie friends at doggy day care and is just so friendly. He especially likes little kids but he will pretty much go up and say hi to anyone, dog or moving object (including leaves in the wind!). Going for a walk usually includes Molson going over and saying hi but even if he doesn't other people will always stop to chat with us and pet him. He is definitely a looker and people always comment on how cute he is :). I just want to say a big thank you from myself, Sean and our family. Our extended families have never been "dog people" but they are changed and say they "love Molson". He has been a wonderful addition. He gets lots of love and we get a lot love in return from him. We can't thank you enough and recommend your website and pups to all family and friends who are looking for a puppy.
Chat soon!

Hello,  Just wanted to take a moment and update you on Tobey.  He's doing great and is a really sweet little dog.  Did a great job at puppy classes and has a really nice disposition.  I've had lots of compliments on him and love him dearly.  (Housebreaking is still challenging though!).  Sorry I haven't sent you any pictures or contact you sooner.  Busy summer! thanks so much for the great addition to our family!

Hi Corinne,
I just thought I’d send you an update and some newer photos of our little Moka.   She’s doing very well.  We had her groomed a couple of weeks ago and the groomer was commenting on how beautiful her coat is.   We take her out for daily exercise to one of the many parks around our area and she gets combed out daily, (although it doesn’t look like it in the photo).  She’s met most of our friends and family and they’ve all fallen in love with her!  Everyone is charmed by her personality and funny little quirks. There’s a couple of little dogs in the neighbourhood that she has become friends with.  We’ll be starting puppy school in mid-March, although she knows her basic commands now.  Anyways hope you and your husband and dog family are doing well!
Take care, Leslie & Don 

Hello Corinne,
Moka is 11 months old today so we thought we should give you another update seeing it's been awhile! She is the most amazing puppy! To this day she has not ever growled or snapped at anyone. She is amazingly easy going. In December we took her to Palm Springs on an airplane. In the airport there was a toddler trying to pet her and she just sat there and let the little girl pet her. On the plane she made hardly any noise, when we took her off the plane people were surprised to find out they had a dog sitting under there chair! Also, Moka an her brother Tucker had the chance to play together and hopefully they will again soon, they had a lot of fun. This past summer Moka spent most of her time on our family's boat. It is shocking how well the litter box works. She'll just hop right in there at home and on the boat whenever she has to go and people are always amazed when they actually see her do it. She certainly does love her walks! We often take her off leash on a trail close to home and she never leaves your side if she gets up a little to far all we have to say is "Moka, get back here" and she stops, waits for you and then keeps walking with you. They way she loves to cuddle is so cute. She gets those sleepy eyes and lays in your arms like a just melts your heart it is so adorable. You gave us the perfect dog for our family. She's in a good home and we love her so much! I attached a couple pictures of her in palm springs, on the boat and just around the house!
Thanks so much, The "B" Family

Hi wanted to let you know our little Bailey went in today and was spayed, she is doing well although very Quiet and still a bit groggy. She is an amazing little dog, we love her so much, she weighed in today at 8.4 lbs., we leave on sunday for Mexico, I will send pics of our little mexican I have given your web site to two of my friends who have met her,  and love her so i hope they contact you.
Thank you 

Michelle & Sean's boy Molson,

Marci & family and their boy Tobey,

Hi Corinne,
Just thought that you'd like an update on Muggles to hear how she's doing. I know I'd be curious if I was you. Lol. Muggles is doing well. She was pretty shy at first but yesterday she started warming up to us and even chased us around the back yard for an hour. No worries. The backyard is private and safe from other dogs and such. The lil play really tired her out, which was EXCELLENT because it meant I can finally have an almost full night of sleep. She cried all night the first night but the second night was a little better and as mentioned, yesterday was the best. We've taken her out to do her business and she's fine with grass. A little apprehensive at first, but she found that it was fine. She's super attached to us. Very vocal about not being within a meter of us. She loves her crate and toys and is pod about nibbling on those instead of our fingers and toes for the most part. Oh yes, we also took her to the vet on Saturday morning and he says she's in super good health. 
Thanks, Dianna

Hi Corinne
Lilly is absolutely amazing! I cant say enough good things about her! She is so sweet and gentle, but has the right amount of "crazy" when she's tearing around the backyard, running so incredibly fast!!! It makes us laugh so hard!  She loves playing fetch both inside and outside the house. She makes us smile and laugh every single day!  She's been so easy to take care of... She has the run of the kitchen when we're not home, but I've never come home to any crazy surprises that I've heard about from other puppy upturned garbage cans, or chewed up table legs, or cupboard contents emptied out and half eaten.   She's been SO good! And being  litter box trained when she first came home was incredible!  THAT made it so easy to have a new puppy! My friends and coworkers couldn't believe it when I told them. And she truly doesn't shed. It's amazing. She's the perfect little dog! Thank you so much!

Our references pages are arranged from the most recent (2018) to our oldest (2003).

Hi Corinne,
You're welcome! We'll send more pictures again soon.
Thanks for the grooming advice, I'm thinking now I don't want Toby's hair short especially right now while he's still a puppy. I think I would be really upset if he was shaved or something. I've trimmed his eyes but I'm not sure what to use that is safe, I've used mini scissors while he's being held but I'm afraid I'll cut him or poke him in the eyes. What do you use for trimming their hair? Thanks so much again, you were so right ... he is such a character! LOL
Michelle :)

Wesley and his girl Ebony,

Bonnie, Lorne and their girl Bailey,  

Hi Corinne,
Just wanted to give you an update on our lovely puppy! She is getting cuter and funnier everyday! We love her so much! The vet was amazed at how calm she was when she got her second set of shots, she made us so proud! She runs up and down the stairs and we find her playing with toys in her crate sometimes! She's already been to Victoria and Seattle and was wonderful in a hotel. She's an amazing puppy and whenever we take her anywhere it takes twice as long because everyone is asking about her! She can sit stay come and sometimes lie down! My Uncle's neighbour bought her brother. Tucker after my aunt and uncle told them how great Moka is! Thanks for giving us such a wonderful little puppy! Here are some pictures about how big she is getting!

Thanks so much,
The "B" Family

Julia and her girl Lilly, 

Hello Corinne,
Haven't sent you an email for quite a while and now that she's two and a half we probably should. Moka is the sweetest little dog with too big of a personality to handle! All our friends are astonished that she goes to the bathroom in a litter box and how she talks (not barks not even close) to us. She makes all her necessities known without a question. She is my baby. She has been to Palm Springs twice, Seattle, downtown Vancouver and various islands on the boat and she is so adaptive. All we've found is that she doesn't like to swim but has a serious wine addiction....don't know how this started but we limit it to the max even though she comes running for white wine, peanut butter and cheese!! She has turned into our life and I don't know how we lived without her!!! Thank you for matching us with the best dog possible it is crazy how well she fits into our life.
The "B"

WELL!... I am such a smart and wonderful puppy (my mommy keeps telling me so!) ... that I was kennel rained in one night,... NEVER have accidents in the house,.... and can keep myself entertained with my fun toys (especially after I am a little tired with all the attention I get on our walks up Main st!) According to my mommy and daddy,... I am the best puppy in the whole wide world!!! (not that I'm bragging) Most of all,... I am funny, and huggy,... and full of love...So, I am sending some to you! xoxoox Yogi

Dianna, Ben and their pup Muggles,

Don & Judy and their pup Tucker,

Hi Corrine!.... we have one of the best weeks of our lives with little Yogi!
She is the most calm, lovely, fun, and loveable little "person" that we have ever known! She had a little car sickness that first day,... and then a little two days later going to the vet,... but since then, she has been fine (I've been taking her a few blocks daily while stroking and encouraging her, she seems fine) She had her second set of shots and a check up.... came out a star (and the vet even commented on what a fantastic pup she was!) We waited until last night to crate train her (we wanted her to have a firm base of love and comfort before we did it) ... and she only whimpered a few times,.. and with the "Caesar tip" of holding her by the neck skin and putting her firmly into the den... she stopped immediately... and we all had a great night of sleep!! She remains trained for the "pine tray".. but mainly goes on the walks outside (she gets at least three per day) ....we play daily with her toys (she loves Mr. Squeaky Carrot the most)... and cuddle her as often as possible...... to sum it all up... we LOVE HER TO BITS !!!! Thank you again for raising such a lovely little girl,.. for all of your helpful information,.. and we will certainly drop by one day for her to say hello!
big hugs, Sylvia and Michael

Leslie & Dons Girl Moka, 

Alicia, Stuart and their boy Murphy Brown,

Hi Corinne ...
 I've done as you said and it works pretty good so thank you. I went and bought some scissors with rounded edges at pet smart and they're really good. I trimmed the fur around his paws and clipped his nails ... he was so good and doesn't care at all when his feet are touched. It's so awesome that you got him used to all of that. Our next purchase will be tooth brush and tooth paste for Toby ... lol! Thanks again for your help. Talk to you soon ... enjoy the sun!
Michelle :)

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Hi Corinne!!
 I've been following your website and was so excited to see the new puppies!!! Oh my goodness, when you first posted that Kera had her pups, I couldn't wait to see the photos!! Lol ...just as if I was expecting one!!! The pups are so gorgeous!! Amazing how little they are and how much they change as they grow!  Lilly has been so amazing! I never would have imagined that we would love her so much!!  It's hard to remember life before her!  She's graduated from puppy kindergarten earlier this month...And she started intermediate classes last week.  The more I see other dogs, the more I appreciate how calm and sweet Lilly is!  And everyone just LOVES her!!! She loves people, as everyone is always quick to give her belly rubs when she flops over in front of them! I keep meaning to send you pics, so finally here  are some. I can't believe how much Lilly's hair colour changed....she went from quite dark to quite light! I would have thought she was a different dog if I didn't know! Lol (photos)Lilly at her puppy class graduation, 6 months old And yes , she's getting a little scruffy...she's in need of a hair cut!! .but it's kind of like your child's first haircut... always hate to get those 'baby' locks trimmed!! Lol Hope all is well!

Hi, Thought you would like a picture of Ebony after first grooming.  She is a perfect pup.
Thanks a Lot!

I am writing to hear if your available puppy is still available. On your website it shows you having one little guy left. My mother and father just lost their 
bichon shitzu, Dexter after 10 years. He died due to colon cancer and there was nothing they could do to save him. It has been very hard on them as he was 
very much their "child" now that all of us have left home and they are ready for a new little guy to enter in their lives. My mom just loves being a "Grandma" to our Murphy Brown and is coming out in two weeks for our wedding and if you have a little guy available would love to welcome him home to her family. (If he needed to be picked up early we would absolutely pick him up as soon as possible). Please do let me know.  On another note, thought to fill you in on Murphy Brown. He has successfully graduated both beginning and intermediate puppy school and has a ton of personality. He is obsessed with the off leash park and is a great listener and great companion for walks of any length. We are looking forward to our first 
Christmas together and he is even coming on the honey moon with us. (Heading camping in a cabin up island to storm watch). We honestly can't get enough 
of him and are pretty sure he is the most spoiled little dog alive. We even have his 1st birthday planned hahha. I have attached a few photos of Murphy :]
Looking forward to hearing from you. 
Alicia, Stuart and Murphy. 

Rachel's family & Their little Moka, 

Mike & Michelle's pup Toby,

Here is Bailey at 4 months old, she is such an awesome little dog, she has fit so well into our life style.... She loves to swim and walk along the waters edge...we have  been on our boat for 5 weeks and she is fully trained to go on a mat, she rings a bell to be let out to go potty....she fetches and does a high 5 with her paw....she learns so fast, just with lots of praise that she is a good girl and lots of loves and pets....every where we go she is just loved by all.  
Bonnie, Lorne and Bailey

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