Java is doing great. She is such an affectionate little thing, she loves to give hugs, when we pick her up she nuzzles her little head into the crook of your neck and sighs. I have never known a dog to do this.   She goes from loving and cuddly to crazy and playful in about ten seconds flat. She LOVES to be outside. We were outside for about an hour today, in the drizzling rain while she chased her 'flying squirrel'. She is now curled up in one of her THREE dog beds napping.
Yes...she is easy to spoil. We have been working on harness training, which is actually going very well. She gets excited when she sees the harness now as she knows she will be going for a 'walk'. After our usual 'walk' I generally take her leash off and let her run free in the yard for a bit. A couple weeks ago, I dropped the leash and bent over to take it off and the little monkey sprinted up the driveway with the leash still attached. Although she understands the word 'Come' she does not always listen, when she gets excited- and this was one of those times. However, Java's border collie 'Mommy' Tucho understands this word very well and is very responsive to it, so she raced after Java as soon as I yelled it, grabbed the leash in her mouth and pulled her back down the driveway to me. It was pretty funny. Tucho is always watching out for and teaching her 'baby'. Java continues to have an odd fascination for vegetables. Occasionally when I am cooking meat she will wander into the kitchen to check out the smell, but I just start to peel a carrot and she is right there. She loves carrots, fresh or steamed, yellow peppers, cucumber, watermelon and apple. Fruits or veggies are her favorite treats. Again, Congratulations on your new 'babies'! I told Java she has a pile of new brother and sisters, which just brought a happy tail wag. This is her response to pretty much everything though, as she is  a
fluffy ball of joy. Happy New Year to your Zuchon family!!
Take Care 
Stephanie and Java aka 'Beans'  (good thing she responds to both names)

Kerry & Amber's girl Sadie,

Hi Corrine and Mike!
Java is growing by leaps and bounds. She is probably twice the size she was when she arrived.  The weather has been beautiful so we have been going out for as many walks as we can before we are limited by the snow, which could be here in a month. She knows our route...down the path with all the leaves to jump in....across the trail to the lake (I am a party pooper here as there are many piles of bear poop I won't let her frolic in-although she sooooo wants to) and down on the dock (which she is still a bit wary of, but getting better) and back up across the grass to kick around the boys soccer ball, which she is trying so hard to make move on her own...but is just not big enough.
House training is coming along, she is able to hold her bladder longer now which makes it easier on all of us.  I am amazed at how she is able to adapt her moods to those around her, if she is feeling frisky, but everyone is quiet she mellows out.  If I want to have a play time so she is tired when we have to go somewhere, and leave her- she is more than willing to play. She knows her name quite well and almost always comes when she is called.  She responds better to a whistle (likely because Tucho comes better to one).  She has also learned to sit for a treat the past two days.
We had a large Thanksgiving dinner (18 additional people) and it was Java's debut, with many of our friends and their children.  Everyone fell in love with her, I even had arguments over who would take care of her when and if we went out of town! Java did excellent, she was so excited to see all the people and did very well with being passed around. I passed your name and website along to one of my friends- as her two daughters fell in love with Java-she just has to convince her husband.....
One question I do have is any recommendations for chewing? I know you mentioned nylabones, and I did get her one but she is not that interested in it.  I know raw hides are off limits. Every day she seems to need to chew more- and I am trying to find something that will keep her happy.  She has taken to chewing on the furniture (the wood furniture anyhow) not excessively but I am needing something to better for her obviously....
Hope all is well with you!!

Hi to you both.
As you can see he is home safe and sound and amazingly after the journey his travel crate was dry. He cuddled into Pat for a while, explored the play area, visited the litter box then went into his crate and is now
sleeping. Even the guys at the pickup warehouse were saying how cute he is.
Thank you for everything,
take care,

Hi Corinne and Mike
First - I have to apologize for the late update on our fabulous little puppy, Smudge!! We absolutely love her and so does her big sister Luna (who, by the way, still cleans Smudge's face twice a day).
She is healthy, happy and loved….
We were concerned about getting a small dog because of our VERY energetic portuguese water dog, Luna…we thought Luna might squish her or think of her as a play toy!  Thank you so much for reassuring us that Zuchon's are a wonderful addition to a family with a larger dog - they couldn't be a better match for each other. They play together, sleep together, eat together and even poop at pretty much the same moment…lol …TRUE!!  Smudge can be assured of having a very thorough ''signature facial by Luna", every morning and evening …and Luna can be assured of having her head pounced on by Smudge whenever she is in a deep sleep. ickolas is in bliss now that he has a smaller dog to play with …he plays fetch with her and talks with her like she's his little baby…she loves it!  He seems to be paying more attention to Luna now also, as I think Smudge has given him the confidence he needed to become higher up on the hierarchy list :). I often catch Greg snuggling up with his Smudgy - he has given up hiding the fact that he has a huge soft spot for her!!  Tough guy - I think not. She fit in to our family  immediately. There was no integration time - amazing - as if she has been with us for years.  We took both Luna and Smudge sailing with us for 3 weeks up to Desolation Sound etc and she was a natural ! So easy on the boat and she loved running around the islands, digging in the dirt and sand and swimming….I could go on and on and on, but I think I've made my point!  Thank you so much for letting Smudge join our family…we can't imagine life without her :)
I am sending along some pictures.
Tanya, Greg, Nickolas, Luna and Smudge xoxoxo

Hi Corrine & Mike 
Here are some recent pictures of Oskar, including his birthday picture taken on March 19. Can't believe our little boy is 2 years old already! He is doing great, full of fun and energy, super smart, and he is the best cuddler ever. When I am watching TV in the evenings he will often fall asleep in my arms, such a sweetheart! 
Hope you are well and enjoying all your puppies. 
Karen & Tristan

Well, our little princess continues to grow and thrive.  She had her 12 week vet check/shots about a week and a half ago. She had almost doubled her weight since she arrived here. She was the happiest dog I have ever taken to the vet, her little tail did not stop moving, and she covered the vet's face with puppy kisses. Our veterinarian feels we should wait until six months to get her fixed (as opposed to five) just because she is so little. The week following the vet visit, she met her groomer. She is a lovely lady that owns and shows six poodles. So Java made friends with all the poodles there. Because she is still quite small, she just had a bath, her nails clipped, and a 'blowout/brushout'.  We will continue to do this once a month until she is ready for a real haircut, just so she gets used to her new hairdresser.  Java (Or 'Beans' as has become her nickname) has quite an independent spirit. She does understand the word 'come' but does wrestle with it (like any two year old child would) when there is a person who obviously needs to love her, a cat to be chased or a yard to continue running through. She does eventually follow the 'big dog' who of course being a border collie, is very obedient in her efforts  to please her people. Because Java does idolize the 'big dog' I think she will catch on soon enough. The last couple days she has come to me whining in the house, if she needs to do her business, which is an awesome development. She even went outside all by herself to pee last night, and when she scuttled back through the door she sat on her bum and looked up at me, as if to say, I did my business, now where is my treat??? Which I always give her-after she does her business outside. She is so smart, and very observant. The good news is, Java is not longer the size of a large mouse, so that cat has stopped stalking her. Java is getting braver with the cat and will jump on her back and run away as quickly as she can to avoid the cat's wrath.  She is very quick, so it is working out well for her so far :) I think it is just a matter of time before they come good friends. Our cat,Tali was trying to play with her a couple days ago, but Java was a little standoffish….understandably. Java continues to get better with car rides. At first a ride to town was the source of much anxiety, but now she curls up on her blanket or the passengers lap (if there is one) and goes to sleep. Absolutely no problems with car sickness. The biggest new excitement in Java's world is the discovery of snow! We received about two inches last night, which was the source of much excitement. She sticks her head completely under the snow and burrows through it with her bum sticking up in the air. She comes up looking like a giant snowball. When I brought her in last night, and gave her a rubdown with a towel, she continued to chase all the snowballs that were falling off of her until they melted, and then looked at me puzzled "Where did they go?". Anyhow, as I type this she is looking out the patio doors and whining, and I know she does not have to do her business, the sun is shining and the snow looks oh so inviting, so I think we shall head out for a play session, while the day is still warmish.  I am enclosing a picture of her just after she came home from the groomer. The pink bow did not last long, but it was cute while it did!! 
Thanks for everything again!! 
Take Care Stephanie and Java a.k.a. 'Beans'

Tina & George's girl Keely,

Carson and his boy Franklyn,

Wanted to give you an update on our little guy.  He’s great. Adorable, smart, loves to play – been a great addition to the family.
Thanks again for everything.

Hi Guys,
Here are the updated photos of Barkley after his first hair cut the groomer was praising your instructions for grooming and saying what a beautiful breed he is so we passed on your details so they can give to their clients more interest in your pups right.  Barkley defiantly is a show stopper everyone stops me to ask what breed he is and how cute he is etc.  So thank you so much for allowing us be puppy parents to one of your pups he is such a joy and we love him so much we can’t even remember what life was like without him.
Elaine & Sean 

​Sharing your life with a Zuchon is one of those little life blessings that you can't imagine life without.

My daughter was out playing with Java and her 'kong' this afternoon and took a couple pictures.  I thought I would pass them along to you as they show her personality, amazing long eyelashes and crazy hair
perfectly :) She is getting more brown in the muzzle area lately. Hope all is well with you!!
Stephanie and Beans

Hi Corrine, 
I thought I'd send a few pics of gizmo. I think he's already changed and grown! Thanks for the info on marrow bones, I got some Friday and he loved having one. About the carrots, can he have the baby carrots whole to chew on? Or so they need to be the bigger whole ones? Thanks, hope you're having a good weekend! 

From Winnipeg

Tanya & Family and their girl Smudge,

Elaine & Sean's boy Barkley,

Karen & Tristen's boy Oskar

Hi Corinne & Mike
It's my birthday tomorrow! My humans baked me some delicious beef and cheddar dog biscuits.  I am a happy one year old!
Love Oskar

Sara's & families boy Gizmo

Oskar is such a funny guy he keeps us entertained all the time. His favorite game is playing hide and seek and he is a very good "finder". He loves to watch TV programs or videos with animals but sometimes gets so over stimulated we have to turn it off! He loves to watch videos on my iphone. He also likes to look at pictures of Tinka and Jumba and all of your new puppies on your website! A new treat he really likes is a piece of antler. The pet store recommended it as they do not splinter. It is also a good shape and size for him to carry around. He lays on his back and holds it in his paws like a baby with a bottle. lol! I am forwarding a couple of recent pictures so you can see how handsome Oskar is. Looking forward to spring just around the corner. Hope you are doing well. 
Karen and Tristan 

 Hi Corrine and Mike
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and all the best to you. We recently spent some time on the Sunshine Coast and little Oskar had a great time. Here are some recent photos of our handsome boy.
Karen and Tristan and Lil' O

All contents (written, photos, videos) provided on our References pages 1 to 8 are the actual updates we received from our fantastic fur families. Unaltered with prior permission via written consent to use.

Leanne & families girl Chloe,

Hi Corrine & Mike
Here is a couple of pictures of our sweet boy. We love the one of him in his bed with his two favourite buddies. It's the 3 bears, Grizzly Bear, Honey Bear and, of course, Oskar the Teddy Bear!   We have so much fun with him. He is so precious. 
Karen and Tristan 

Leslie, Jack and their girl Cinnamon

Stephanie & families and their girl Java,

Hi, Corinne
Sadie is doing great.  We really enjoy her everyday.  Hope all is well with you and the new puppies.  Thanks again for a wonderful little dog.
Kind regards, Kerry and Amber

Hi Corrine:
Just wanted to let you know that Keely is doing fine and has settled in nicely.  Thanks again for our little angel.
Tina and George

Just to let you know he's already sitting & staying for treats and has me out of breath running around the house and patio!!
Take care,

Hi Corinne 
Just a quick note to let you know Oskar is doing great. We are calling him the "tiny terror" because he is very much like a little kid right now, into everything, lots of energy and you never know what he will be up to next. He loves to steal our socks, shoes, tear up newspapers, dump the bathroom garbage and if you ever leave the bathroom door open while you are showering you will step out to find no towels and no bathmat because he has taken everything! It's like he knows he is so cute that he can get away with anything. Having said that, he really is a good boy and generally seems to match our energy level. He is content to watch TV and cuddle, go for lot's of walks, play hide and seek and "chase me", whatever we want to do he is game. He loves to lay on my knee and have his ears and tummy rubbed and often times he gets a full body massage which almost puts him to sleep. He is very lovable. The ONLY time he ever barks is when he wants our attention and when he does bark it is very loud, especially when it is right in your ear or face. He still loves everyone he meets, he stands up on his hind legs and cries for people to pet him. One would think he was starved for attention but that is totally not the case, he just truly seems to love everyone. He is a celebrity in our neighborhood, whenever we are out windows and doors open for people to call hello to Oskar. We even had a group of little girls at our door asking if Oskar could come out to play! He is the best little dancer I have seen, he dances on his hind legs backwards all across the living room. Chloe was good at that too, it must be a Bichon trait. He is fine being left alone now, safe in his crate with many toys and a variety of stuffed bones. I have a baby kong that looks like a soother with the ring on top, I fill it with canned dog food (Blue, of course) and freeze it for when we are out. He loves it and it keeps him busy for a long time. He was neutered last Friday and all went well, it only slowed him down for a second and his incision has healed super fast. He was 8.14 pounds the day of the surgery, still small and we love it.
Take care!
Karen and Tristan 

Hi Corinne and Mike,
A little belated but not forgotten note … Cinnamon is perfect and lovely!  She is perfectly lovely! Today is day eight, and with every new day, Cinny displays something new and wonderful.  Her precious personality is coming out day by day.  She was very quiet and shy the first few days, but has really come out of her shell, especially over the last two days!  She walks like a little princess with her harness you made for her (thank you!) and just today, she hopped off the couch and went to her toys and started playing a bit.  She’s the sweetest little girl I’ve ever known and we are so delighted to have her in our family.  We took her over to the mainland to meet Jack’s sis and her two dogs over the weekend.  She was very sweet (a little timid, understandably so!) but within minutes, the three dogs just ignored each other!  We’ve had some laughs over the potty thing earlier last week … no accidents whatsoever in the house, but the first few days when we’d take her outside to do her business, she’d just sit and look up at us.  She held it in I guess, but now she’s fine!  She’s a lover and a pleaser!  We love her so!
Thank you again for blessing us with precious Cinnamon!  I’ll send another update in a week or so.

 Hi Corinne
These photo's were taken after Oskar's bath today. He loved his bath and brushing - no hair dryer required, he dried laying in the sun on the lounge chair. It's a dogs life! Yes, gotta get the face trimmed - lol

Hi Corinne and Mike
Oskar is doing great. He had his one year booster shot a couple of weeks ago. His first trip to the vet in a year! He is a very healthy boy and and he now weighs 12.6 pounds. He continues to be a great source of entertainment and companionship for us and we get to spoil him. He is the most laid back dog I have ever met. He does not get stressed or anxious about anything and he rarely barks. When the doorbell rings his ears go up and he looks at you as if to say you better get that but he does not bark. He loves to be outdoors and we get him out and about as often as possible. He still picks the dark bits out of his food unless that is all that is left then he will eat them. I found some natural salmon treats that he really likes. His favorite snack is still plain yogurt, with or without mashed banana in it. We are growing a few strawberries and he always gets to sample them when we go out to water. He also loves fresh blueberries and dried cranberries. Sending a couple of photos so you can see how handsome he is. His hair is very short right now as it had grown out so much he looked like a bear and he was getting matted and too hot. He doesn't like the short clip, he barks at himself in the full length mirror. Hope you are enjoying your summer and playing with all your new additions. 
Karen and Tristan

So sorry to take so long to communicate.  Days have a way of flying by, especially with an adorable new puppy in the house.   She is such a sweet caring little soul, and brings us laughter everyday.
Kind regards, Kerry and Amber

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