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Anita and her little boy KC,

Just dropping you a quick line to let you guys know we love our new mommy and daddy.  We did our first big road trip from Fort St John to Whitehorse thanksgiving week.  Our mommy purchases us are own heated car seats and we love them.  Beside going to the vet to have a surgical procedure all is good. Our daddy isn't to cool with the plans that mommy has made for remembrance day long weekend we are going on a plane to Vancouver for 5 days, mommy has booked us at a day care during the days hoping this will make us tired so that we don't trash the hotel room, since mommy stays at this hotel all the time.  Daddy keeps saying we should stay home with our babysitter, but mommy keeps saying to daddy this our new family and we all going. Well must run as it's seems to be bath day today.  Not really liking that but mommy keeps saying if you wish to continue sleeping on her pillow at night we need to be clean. Chat to you later  
Axel and Bumper

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Greetings from both of us. We are very well and hope you are too. Minnow is living up to all the expectations, has had all his shots, been to puppy school and is due to be neutered in early September. I spend most of my day with him in one way or another and always try to keep him comfortable in every way. I just reread your puppy book and see potatoes are a no-no. Guess that is it for the odd French fry bit or chips. He has never had loose stools however once when worried he chewed up an unfortunate choice of mine the pumpkin seemed to make him A-ok. Not sure about that incident. He is very good at family gatherings and dinner parties although he goes in his soft sided carrier which he likes, when the main meal comes out. I am hopeful he can be "cross- trained" forever going to the bathroom inside and outside. He seems happy with both but I worry about him peeing or pooing in someone's house if I am not super careful. Lately he has been such a little gentleman. Your early nurturing has huge benefit at this end. Hope this finds you spending lots of time at your place up on the northern Island.
Wags and hugs
Janice and Minnow

Hi Corinne and Mike,
Just sending you a few photos of Teaka. She is always on the move playing especially when I try to snap some pics!! She is always giving kisses. She loves to play fight with Mia, even more than chasing the ball, and it's been nice to see Mia acting like a puppy again since Teaka had been here. She's just had her second shots, since we live where there are lots of other dogs. So I am looking forward to being able to take her for proper walks this week! I have taken the dogs to a friends farm in Maple Ridge where they have loved swimming in a small river, Teaka is a total water pup. And looking forward to heading to saltspring with the dogs next month and going to the beach. Just wanted to touch base and tell you guys how much we love Teaka! Hope you are well, take care.

Hello Corinne and Mike, We are very lucky to have Teaka from you guys in 2015, she is truly such an amazing addition to our family. We love her so much! I was looking in my email for a recipe list, you had sent it out in the little care package with grooming instructions as well - I cannot seem to find it anywhere in my email or computer and would like to make her some treats! She eats a natural kibble but I'd like to start including some home cooked food, just not sure where to start and am finding too many things online without much consistency. Teaka has not had any health issues, and I brush her teeth regularly. She is just a fantastic dog, very gentle and playful. Wonderful with the kids, and is happy to tag along everywhere we go. She does however hate being brushed, and her hair gets very tangled quickly - any tips? In the near future I'd like to add another dog to family and as a friend for Teaka, and we will most certainly be coming back to you! Thanks again, and hope you all had a wonderful summer outside. Take care, Brooke 

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Cathryn and her little boy Tux,

Nicole's & Daves boys, brothers Axel & Bumper,

Wow sounds like you are having such a good time and that would have been awesome to see the whales, i just love the outdoors and nature.... Maxwell worked at it and got his ribbon off and tried to eat it, but his mean mummy took it away. He is a walking gourmet loves to eat anything he can, you have to watch where you put things because he can get up on all the chairs now, he is such a live wire.  Keep catching fish and having fun, Love Wendy & Maxwell

Hello Corinne & Mike
Can’t believe these little guys are going to 5 yr old Feb 6 2018.  They have bought so much joy to our lives.  
Nicole and Dave. 

Brooke and her little girl Teaka,

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​Sharing your life with a Zuchon is one of those little life blessings that you can't imagine life without.

Dear Corinne & Mike. We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and Peace and Joy in the coming year!!! KC has turned into a charming little fellow 6 months old now. As you can see he is pals with Mimi our kitty, and has graduated from puppy school at Pet Smart.... He loves his Christmas toys, and is going to fly to Edmonton, for Xmas. He is the love of my life!! I have a letter from my Vet re: neutering at around one year. Hoping all is well with you, as you celebrate Christmas in your new home??? I will keep in touch.
PS I can't walk anywhere, without people passing and stopping to ask what breed, and what a handsome boy he is he looks like a little teddy bear...Cheers, Anita, KC and Mimigirl. 

Hi! Hope you caught a fish by now..... well Maxwell had his last set of shots for a year...he now weighs 7.20 lbs., he has doubled in size, there is no stopping him now he is running up and down the stairs, when just a week ago I had to carry him, he can now jump up on the couches and chairs, he still does not like going for walks or car rides, but I am as stubborn as he is, so we go, be it under protest, but he has settled in nicely, I am learning to shut cupboard doors, otherwise I am finding my shoes in his bed or mouth, he is quite the character and inspire of my telling him he still cannot tell the difference between  his stuff and my stuff, I guess as far as he is concerned its all his...he is adorable and definitely keeps me on my toes...he is a chow hound the minute I go to the fridge or freezer surely it must be to get him something...you tell his furry mummy and daddy they had a sweet little boy, even though he is full of mischief , wouldn’t have him any other way.....when I get more update photo’s will send you some. 
Have a good fall, God Bless, Love Wendy & Maxwell

Wendy and her little boy Max,

We are going to be 4 years old next month. Both boys are doing great. We moved back to the Yukon. These guys make us smile daily. We love them so much. We have place in Phoenix and we take them as our carry on baggage and they are the best travelers ever. Axel my big boy loves the pool. Bumper not so much. They both go crazy for warm laundry so we always have to put it on the spare bed so they can lay in roll around in it it's so cute. Bumper is my cuddle boy. They are the best friends to each other. Nicole and Dave

Hi Corrine & Mike,
The year has sure flown by! Well here we are now wishing you a Merry Christmas from Sidney and finally sending you a pic of Tux. He his a wonderful little dog and is very friendly with people and other dogs, loves kids but most of all - people with treats. He's very active and goes for two walks a day and reminds us when we're late to take him out. So glad we found you and of course Tux:)

Hello,from Anita 
I am enjoying him so much..he is the love of my life, such a sweet boy,and such a great companion. I am recovering from hip surgery, and I have friends helping, taking him for walks every day...should be able to do it myself soon!
He has his 1st Birthday, May 31st, I think..we will celebrate it together
( mine is May 26)
Cheers, Anita

Janice and her boy Minnow,