Tiny Teddy Bear Zuchon Puppies (tinyteddys.com)  vancouver Shichon shih-tzu bichon dogs vancouvern

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tiny Teddy Bear Zuchon puppies (tinyteddys.com) in Vancouver shichon

Tiny Teddy Bear Zuchons of Vancouver Island Tiny Teddy Bear Zuchon Puppies (tinyteddys.com) in Vancouver Shichon

Zoe and her snowball at 8 weeks. It was LOVE!

Tucker made it safe and sound!!!  Neighbours came over and he's just taking a nap in his bed. He's just the cutest!! So soft and loves toes lol. I am blessed. 

Also wanted to say thank you for the goodies and food etc. I'm in love, the harness is so small. So cute

It's Buddy's birthday today.

Thanks for such a great little doggie!

Tricia & family and their boy Mordy

Hi Corinne and Mike
Just wanted to share with you Lucy’s latest photos, taken last week. See attached pics and by the way,  that’s my  eldest daughter Clarissa.  
Lucy is getting more and more adorable each day.  
She has been very good using her litter box about 80% of the time and  in the next couple of weeks,  during the Xmas break,  we would like to finally take her out for a walk down the block.  
Thank you and hope you’re well.
Kind regards, Carolyn 

Hi Corinne, Mike and Wiggle Butts

Just wanted to update you on Buddy.  I cannot believe it has been a week already since we picked him up!  You are right, he is an amazing little doggie.  Super smart!  He already goes outside to do his business.
He also is an escape artist.  He has already gotten out of his doggie playpen, and kennel!
Dr. Moira, our holistic vet, said he is a wonderful puppy.  I have to agree.  You guys did an awesome job!  Brian and I will love him just as much!  Gina is warming up to him nicely.
Thank you again!  I will keep you updated.
Cheryl, Brian, Gina, and BUDDY!  :)

Hi Corinne;
Yes, I’m super excited for him to go to doggy day care. And no problem for me to give a recommendation. In fact, I tell everybody who will listen how fantastic he is and how wonderful you guys are. He is definitely what I would call a “show stopper”. I take him for walks along **** Road at the dog park every morning and every night and he never fails to draw the adoration of everyone. Many mornings he has so much fun with the other dogs that I have to give him a bath when he gets to work. 
All the best, Jen 

Thank you, 
Reece has been a wonderful addition to our family.  We have renamed him Mordecai or Mordy for short.  He is a delightful temperment - loving and cuddly and quick to learn.   He easily adapts to all the personalities in our family from the gregarious grandfather to my shy son with autism.
Thank you for all your help.

Hi Corinne & Mike. I call this picture Toys: 0  Charlie:1
As you can see he's feeling pretty safe and secure.


Thought I'd let you know Bella has settle in nicely!
Here are a few pictures.

Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I decided Maddie is more suitable to her mischievous outgoing personality. Feel free to share any of Maddie's pictures on your website. She is way too cute not to share!
Take Care. Michele & Maddie ??

Hi Corinne and Mike,
I've been meaning to send you an update and photos for a long time so I was delighted to hear from you!
It's hard to believe our little "lady" turned one last week! She is such a joy - a little rascal and absolute angel all rolled into one! It's very hot in Singapore, so we keep her hair a lot shorter than you might expect. She has lovely creamy white paws and "eyebrows" and the rest of her coat is almost grey - except for some gorgeous red streaks on her ears. Someone actually once asked me if I had added the streaks!
She loves going for long walks - though she doesn't like other dogs AT ALL. She loves playing fetch with one of the many squeaky rubber chickens in her growing collection, but wouldn't you know it - her favourite toy is still her original - which we refer to as "marshmallow". She walks around with it in her mouth, looking for places to hide it!
Enjoy the photos!

Zoe and her snowball a year later. Still in love with her very same snowball. So cute!

​Sharing your life with a Zuchon is one of those little life blessings that you can't imagine life without.

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Michele & her Girl Maddie

Theresa & Her girl Dakota 

Jacquie & Sterling and their little Zoe - Arrived in person from Singapore

Joanne and her little man Tucker

Cheryl, Brian, Gina, and their boy BUDDY!

Going into week 3 and Dakota has settled in nicely. Your litter box training of the pups was awesome, she uses her litter box and easily transitioned into doing her business when we are outside….she is an extremely smart and talented little dog and everybody, especially me, loves her to bits. Just wanted to let you know that she is doing fabulous and having lots of fun in her new forever home.

Hi Corinne & Mike,
I just wanted to let you know that Milo (that is what we named our little guy) has settled in nicely. 
He is adorable, hilarious and definitely keeps us on our toes.
Milo and our cat Autumn have sorted things out and when Milo is being a pesky we often find Autumn grooming him! lol she licks his ears, paws and eyes. 
Milo loves to go outdoors to play in the snow. He is such a livable little guy who likes adventures. 
Thank you so much for raising such a wonderful breed of dogs. 
Take care. 

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Just a quick note to advise that I had my vet check her out and little Dakota is the picture of health and the entire vet clinic has fallen in love with her so she will receive awesome treatment during any visits. Hope the rest of her siblings transitioned as well as she did.


Janis, Jim and little Milo

Hi Corinne and Mike
I wanted to send you this pic of Buddy!  He is doing awesome ?? Two months ago today  .... He entered our world and brightened our life!  Gina included.
Thank you so much for him.
Hugs Cheryl

Tannis & family and their boy Milo.

Jenny & Chris and their boy charlie​

Hi Corinne;
Hope you’re well. Thought you might enjoy a few recent pictures of little Charlie at work! He needs a cut but is pretty adorable.
All the best, Jen

Hi, We adopted our dog Roxy 5 years ago. We love her and she has been the best addition to our family. We have been meaning to try and arrange for her to come and visit with her parents.... Here are some pics I have of roxy over the last couple years. All the best photos are on my kids phones. Roxy is a very gently, loving, playful dog who also loves to snuggle and try and sneak food/candy - as you will see in the photos. Of course we don't let her eat candy.  The first photo is with roxy, my son, and his grandma on their birthday which is the same day.  For sure let us know if you are ever in Duncan and have some time.
Thanks again,

CAROLYN and her girl Lucy 

Happy Canada Day weekend!
We are completely smitten by the puppy!  Snickers was renamed to Milo and has been an amazing addition to our family.  He is very attached to all of us (Gus too!) and we to him. Milo is very smart, fun and cuddly!
 Thank you for allowing us the honour of having him join our family.
 Janis and Jim

Marnie & family and their GIRL ROXIE

(now 5 years old)