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We are a small loving in home family oriented breeder of the cuddliest dogs on earth. L
ocated on B.C's Majestic West Coast exclusively of the hybrid Teddy Bear Zuchon with 12+ years of exceptional health, temperament, and beauty. Our puppies come in a variety of colors and marking and we are the one and only proud producers of the very rare chocolate coloring, ranging from solid chocolate to chocolate patches or markings with glamorous golden or green eyes and brown noses. Our puppies come with our unheard of lifetime genetic guarantee and lifetime return policy! If you’re looking for a top quality, gorgeous little comedic little Teddy Bear puppies without the heartbreak and added expense of health issues we are quality you are looking for. For discerning individuals when only the best will do, please review our beautiful website. You will be delighted to discover as you learn about us that we do everything to exceptional standards and it unquestionably shows.
We have dedicated our lives to the raising, progression and education of the ever so gorgeous Zuchon's that we have come to be known for and sought after.
Our lifetime genetic guarantee, 5 pages of references and testimonials with ongoing photos and comments on the puppy's progress throughout the passing years speaks volumes about us and you will not find this anywhere else! 

 Zuchons go by a few different names, Zuchon being the most popular choice they are also called Shichon's, Shih-Tzu / Bichon, Shih-Chon, Bich-Tzus, Teddy Bear Shichon. Providing happy healthy furry loved ones to amazing families from Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and surrounding Islands. Including the rest of Western & Eastern Canada, and the USA depending on location. We are located in the beautiful warm lands of the Cowichan Valley, British Columbia, Canada only a quick 15 minute plane ride to Vancouver, B.C


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About Teddy Bear Zuchon's
Teddy bear dogs are calm, gentle, lovable and cuddly. Because of this they were originally bred for handicapped children.
Definition: Teddy bear puppies are a cross between the Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frise. 
They are also called Zuchons or Shichons.
Appearance: They are adorable puppies and grow into cute dogs. 
When fully mature they weigh between 5 and 16 lbs. 
They have long flowing, soft fur that is either curly or silky. Teddy Bear little faces and large eyes. All colors and patterns are possible.
Disposition: Zuchon's are non aggressive, with cuddly, happy go lucky dispositions. 
They are well mannered, rarely bark, get along well with people and other pets, and have a great propensity for learning tricks. Great with kids and other pets.
Hypoallergenic: Their fur is of the non shedding hypo allergenic variety, making them great companions for allergy sufferers. Their hair is easy to groom, and they love baths.
Personality: They are loyal dogs with a passion for playing and snuggling. 
They like to play with their owners all day and sleep with them all night.
Acquired in part from www.ehow.com/facts_5501669_teddy-bear-puppies.htm

Our Zuchon's adults and parents are our beloved, healthy and happy companions, being Zuchon's themselves they are of excellent health 
and temperament. We back each little sweetheart with a written lifetime or 5 year genetic guarantee(your choice), health guarantee, confirmation from our vet deeming them in excellent health and a lifetime return policy.

 See ou
 Meet the Parents Page for loads of individual photos and Our Zuchon's (Group Pics) page to see hundreds of photos of them at play together. They are our furry kids and go on all vacations with us. They enjoy fun filled days full of snuggles, treats, toys, walks, napping, watching different animals on T.V and playtime lots and lots of playtime. They have free reign inside and out of the house, although being indoor dogs they prefer being inside unless its gorgeous out. They are allowed on our beds and couches, they even have their own leather couch. Our house is their house, although they do give it more wear and tear than we do, sometimes we wonder if its more theirs than ours (chuckles). When I am busy working they quietly wait just outside my salon door, sometimes peaking in for a visit in between. We never plan vacation's or getaways to places that the dogs can't come with us. We love going places together where we can enjoy each other, and have lots of laughs. We are very dedicated to our dogs, and a very close family, we all go or no go.


Tiny Teddy Bear Zuchon Video

  To Share your life with a Zuchon is a true blessing. They give us much more than we can ever give them back, and are a truly cuddly, charming and rewarding breed to fall in Love and share your life with. Zuchon's are super playful, very loving, cuddly, and very easy to train. They get along with and enjoy people of all ages are fantastic with kids and special needs, great with other dogs and pets, they always aim to please. Even as babies they start making direct eye contact as if they are already taking in words spoken to them. They Interact and respond instantly to a variety of new, games, tastes, toys, experiences, and lessons, moving forward on all they experience at astonishing rates. Zuchon's excel in puppy classes often being the star and used to help train others even at very young ages. They receive a lot of praise by the professionals they come across, vet's, groomer's, instructors, etc. Zuchon's also live a very long time, research states that "the Zuchon lives longer than both the Shih-Tzu and the Bichon". 

Our Zuchon's always have a happy attitude and love to interact with people. They are never aggressive but have a cheery love of life. They enjoy a very large variety of toys and games starting at only a few weeks old. Very early in life they start to carry around and make up games involving themselves with different toys and toy types. They can easily entertain themselves and everyone else to boot. They can even teach themselves to throw their toys up in the air to catch, or on our lap to toss back for them. Zuchon's are more than happy one on one so they are great in situations for companionship, and would bask in the sole attention they receive. They can also just as easily, keep up with a large family, and thrive on the activity that one can provide. Being so very versatile they fit in everywhere they go, and thanks to the litter box training they can easily travel in boats, stay in hotels, fly with you on vacations, the options are limitless. Have a look around our website, we have shared loads pictures, videos, information on our Zuchon dogs & puppies and 5 pages of references.

 Teddy Bear Zuchon Puppy Play Time Video

 Our Hybrid Puppies come from proven health, beauty & temperament lines. They are hypoallergenic and non-shedding so if you have allergies and have previously been unable to enjoy a dog for a pet, then our puppies are the perfect choice for you. Their coats range from a soft cashmere curly coat to smooth silky coat. They have a variety of eye colors from an amazing rare golden or green color to hazel. Lots of fur colors and coat options, from solid colors, parti-colours, brown tri-colours, brown bi-colours, white tri-colours, white bi-colors, black & white, white & apricot and even the rare creams, apricots, reds, solid black and chocolate colouring (both fur & skin). Zuchons live very long lives, up to 18 years and arrive in varying sizes from 5 to 16 pounds. All of our puppies come litter box trained, socialized, pre snuggled, groomed, vet checked, vaccine, genetic guarantee and so much more, starting long before they were planned and conceived.


Life's a Beach! Teddy Bear Zuchon Video

 Our puppies are raised as part of our beloved family just like their parents are, and are intended for companion purposes only, and not for breeding. Our little baby Zuchon's are raised in the heart of our home as part of our family. They are an active and important part of our daily life long before their arrival and are always the center of attention 24/7, taking priority over all else. They can see, hear and be a part of everything that goes on in our home on a day to day basis. As does our Zuchon dogs (parents), with the entire house and property being catered to them so they can go inside and outside as they please. They have their own leather couch & chair in the living room to relax in between play times if a lap is unavailable. They are fun to treat royally and yet it never goes to their heads. They are extremely balanced dogs, very easy to train and love to do everything from tricks, jumps, flips, fetching, catching, camping, cuddling. They easily fit into all lifestyles from boats, condos, acreages etc. they can even go in your dog tote/purse. They are the truly charming, go anywhere do anything dog & companion. They get along well with everyone, adults, kids other dogs even cats, making it hard to have just one. 

 We personally write/design our own web site, so you can trust the info on this site is accurate and from us personally. Our purpose in sharing so many pages of info, past puppies pictures, current puppy pictures, our dogs pictures, mum & dad pictures, videos, details, breed info, health info, 5 pages of references & updates, and much more here online, is to offer up every bit of info possible and share it with you. Before even taking the next steps of meeting us, you will already know so much about our family, our puppies, and the puppies parents. That way you can really get to know all of us with the help of our website in a way that simply isn't possible without the wonderful web. So please enjoy, browse through at your leisure, read and reread any detail you want at your own speed. Always making an informed decision for you, your family and possibly one of our puppies.

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