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Our puppies love their custom made slide so much they nap under it!

We are located on the Majestic West Coast of B.C uniting families with their dream puppy from Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and surrounding Islands including Western Canada, Eastern Canada, and the USA depending on location. We divide our home life between our home in the beautiful warm lands of the Cowichan Valley (only a 15 minute plane ride to Vancouver) and our passion of the Wild West Coast in  the Nimpkish Valley in Super, Natural British Columbia. We have dedicated our lives to the raising and progression of the gorgeous Zuchon that we have come to be known for and sought after. Although our puppies are usually spoken for long before they arrive, they are so worth the wait. You will find that our 14+ years of Zuchon experience, genetic guarantees, lifetime return, hundreds of parent photos, 6 pages of references throughout years speaks volumes about us.  

We are a small loving in-home family oriented breeder of the cuddliest dogs on earth the Teddy Bear Zuchon. We exclusively and responsibly breed hybrid Teddy Bear Zuchons of exceptional health, temperament and beauty for the last 14+ years and provide an unheard of Lifetime return policy & Lifetime of your dog guarantee! Our Teddy Bear Zuchons come in a variety of colors and markings from our exclusive signature rare chocolate coloring complete with cute little chocolate noses to the gorgeous parti-colors, tri-colors and bi-colors like white & chocolate, black & white, white & apricot. Solid colours such as chocolate, beige, cream, apricots, red and black. They have large glamorous golden, green, hazel and dark brown eyes. Their coats range from soft curly cashmere to smooth & silky. They live very long lives of up to 18+ years and range in size from 5 to 18 pounds. Zuchons go by a few different names, Shichons Shih-Tzu / Bichon, Shih-Chon, Bich-Tzus and Teddy Bears, no matter what name you go by they will be the star of your universe. 

We have been providing happy, healthy Zuchons to amazing families for 14+ years. We back each of our little sweethearts with 2 unheard of written guarantees to choose from. LIFETIME of your dog or our standard 5 year guarantee (your choice). A written health guarantee, written confirmation from our vet deeming them in excellent health and a lifetime return policy to protect them in emergency situations. Our puppies also come litter box trained, socialized, pre-snuggled, groomed, vet checked, vaccinated, genetic guaranteed and so much more, starting long before they were conceived.
If you’re looking for an exceptional gorgeous little comedic Teddy Bear puppy without the heartbreak and added expense of health issues your search is over. When only the best will do, you will be delighted to discover that we do everything to exceptional standards and it unquestionably shows. 

​Sharing your life with a Zuchon is one of those little life blessings that you can't imagine life without.

Our entire website is created by us (Corinne & Mike) personally. All contents, write ups, photos and videos contained within are for our personal use only. All dogs shown are our own personal dogs and their puppies over the span of the last 14+ years. We are not associated with any other breeders, pets stores, pet brokers of any kind. Our puppies go directly from our loving home into the loving arms of their new family.